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What Is Earn Dropil and How Does It Work

Earn Dropil is our in-house system that rewards users for participating in spreading the word about Dropil. Directly from the Dropil Portal users can make submissions for various campaigns related to our products and services. Tasks such as creating Youtube videos or writing articles for Medium can earn you DROP tokens that can be used for subscriptions, put into Dex, held, or sold. They’re yours to keep and you may do whatever you wish with them.

The process works as described below, where users commit to creating content and then after they have submitted it, the submission is reviewed and awards assigned depending on the possible reward values and the quality of the submission.

  1. The user accepts a task for an active campaign
  2. Content is created and submitted within the portal
  3. Submission is reviewed by our team for quality and adherence to participation requirements
  4. The task is graded and award assigned
  5. User accepts reward

Submission Guidelines

Clicking on any campaign will take you to a page details about that specific campaign. Each page gives detailed participation requirements that must be followed in order to receive your payout from Earn Dropil.  In addition to the mandatory requirements are some guidelines for successful completion of the campaign with examples of what good and bad submissions look like.

For example, if the campaign calls for a Youtube video, you might see the following:

Using these requirements as a rule of thumb, users know that their videos must be at least 3 minutes long, must be shared to at least one social media network, must be at least 720p, and must show Jade actively working on their account.

In this case, if the video submission is shorter than 3 minutes, is not about Jade, does not present an active Jade bot, or is not informative the submission may be rejected or receive a reduced payout.

Campaign Types and Length

If you find yourself unable to do a specific campaign, don’t fret.  There will be a variety of ever-changing opportunities to Earn, some items will be open for long periods, and others will be limited to the first few to claim a project.

Some of the campaigns may include, but are not limited to:

  • Written articles
  • Social media interaction
  • Video creation
  • Forum interaction
  • Voting participation

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