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How to convert DROP into USDT

For users wanting to exchange their DROP tokens for Tethers, they can do so using the IDAX exchange DROP/USDT pair. This pair allows you to exchange your DROP tokens for the USD value associated with them.

Finding Your Deposit Address on IDAX

Withdrawing From the Dropil Portal To An Exchange

Then you may exchange their DROP for USDT using the DROP/USDT pair. It is best to consult CoinMarketCap.com in order to understand what the average USD value of DROP tokens are, and then compare them to the available “Buy” orders when determining what price you are selling them at.

Once you have sold your DROP for USDT, your Tethers will appear in your USDT wallet on Idax, and they can be held or spent to buy other coins using their USDT pair on IDAX. Currently, IDAX does not allow users to withdraw their USDT. If you have USDT and would like to move funds out of IDAX, you would have to purchase a different cryptocurrency with USDT and move them to another exchange.

Converting USDT to USD

While IDAX does not allow withdrawals of USDT, some exchanges do. If future DROP exchanges allow withdrawals or if IDAX opens USDT withdrawals, and you would like to withdraw your USDT and convert it to USD fiat, Kraken is one of the most reliable options. Using their USDT/USD market, you can sell your USDT and withdraw your USD from the platform directly to your bank account if you are verified on the exchange. There are other options available, but many take high fees or have shady practices, so be diligent when seeking places to cash out USDT.

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