How Does Dropil Make Money?

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Dropil has a number of products in development slated for future releases, many of these products have planned premium features that will be paid for, either via subscription or a la carte. Drops will be the method of payments or fuel across all products and services under the Dropil brand.

Does Dropil Profit from Dex?

The more specific question also arises, does Dropil profit from Dex? The primary purpose of the Dex system is more focused on driving customer adoption and awareness to Dropil than purely generating income for the company. We felt Dex as a product offered massive value and would be the most effective way to spread awareness across the crypto space while delivering great results to our customers, allowing them the opportunity to experience the level of service the Dropil brand is able to provide to them as users.

This stated, the Dex system is able to contribute to Dropil’s profitability more directly as well. The Dex system works on 15-day cycles, however, if a user does cancel prior to that 15-day cycle reaching maturity we do retain any unrealized profit from this action back to the Capital Vault. The Dex system of trading bots makes trades across a number of exchanges and currencies around the clock. Dropil does have some of the company’s capital in the trading systems also generating income directly for the vault and company. This is not by any means the primary income generating mechanism of the business model. Dex has planned future premium features as well that will further generate company revenue.

How does Dropil maintain liquidity of Drops given that they are paid out by Dex every cycle?

It has long been published that Dropil buys and sells Drops from the market, however, there is some discrepancy over the specifics of this. We have always maintained micro orders for low buys in order to keep a more than adequate supply of Drops on hand. This program is set up to take advantage over the long term natural movement of the market, in a way that will not influence the price or movement of the token. There are no plans for buybacks that would cause noticeable price movement. ICO funds are not slated to be used to buy back drops. Buying back drops is funded by both the profits realized from Dropils portion of trading or profits from buying Drops at low prices and selling them higher. Dropil will NOT be sending tokens from the Founder’s or Team supply of tokens to support the vault, any outstanding need for Drops will be bought from the market.

Premium Subscriptions

Dropil also utilizes premium subscriptions for access to our services. The only way to pay for premium Dropil subscriptions is through Drops. Drops collected as payment for premium access and services may be used by the company or added into the vault to fund payouts. For more information on what our premium subscriptions entail and how much they cost, please see our article here.

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