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Generating a Max Wallet

To get started with Max, the first step after signing up is to create a wallet. Generating a wallet allows you to store your coins within Max. Keep in mind that with Max, your private keys are encrypted and owned by you, if you lose account to access or key access we cannot help you recover them.

Accessing Max

You can access Max either by following the link within Dropil Home, or by clicking this link and logging in.

Adding an Asset

You can generate your first wallet by following the “Add Asset” button.

Choosing Your Crypto

Max supports many cryptocurrencies, find your asset by searching through the list or scrolling to find it. If your desired coin or token is not listed on Max, that means it is not supported at this time and you should use the Coin Request button in the footer of the Max page.

Naming Your Wallet

You can choose any name that is familiar to you, it does not have to be anything specific. Choose a name that you will easily recognize and remember.

Viewing Your Wallet

Now that your wallet has been generated you will see your wallet address as well as a link to your wallet on Etherscan (noted by the red arrow) or to view your wallet inside Max (the red box).

Viewing Your Private Key

If you would like to view your private key in order to write it down and keep it somewhere secure, you can view it by clicking the little lock button on your new wallet. This is not a required step, but if you lose access to your Max account you would be able to use your private key in another wallet client such as MyEtherWallet to retrieve your tokens.

After that, you’re ready to make your first deposit using either the main deposit button or the deposit button associated with the wallet of your choice. Deposits may take up to 30 minutes to appear.

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