How to Create a Pricing Signal

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Creating a Pricing Signal

Creating a pricing signal is Arthur can be a great way to monitor your favorite cryptocurrencies to be notified when those prices occur.  Arthur’s signals page is a very powerful tool that allows you to create multiple signals with different options.

Step 1:

Log into Arthur by visiting

Step 2:

Go to the signals page and click Add Signal

Step 3:

Select “Standard Signal” to create a pricing signal.

Step 4:

Select the coin, the price factor, and choose between is more than, is less than, increases by or decreases by on your choice of the exchange.

Is more than & is less than monitors the USD amount selected.

Increases by & decreases by monitors the percent selected.

Click Save when finished configuring the signal.

Step 5:

Monitor, edit, delete and disable your signals on the configure signals page where you have created your signals.

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