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At Dropil, we strive to make our products and services run smoothly and provide the best user experience. We have a comprehensive knowledge base for users if they ever experience issues, but we understand it’s impossible to cover every issue a customer could experience. In this article, we will cover creating a support ticket for the times when assistance from Dropil support is necessary.

To access your tickets, select the Support / Tickets tab from the main dropdown menu from any Dropil portal.

Within the tickets page, you will see a list of all the tickets you have created, their statuses, and the last time they were updated.

Ticket Statuses

  • Open tickets are when you have created a ticket and Dropil support has not responded yet
  • Answered tickets are when Dropil support has responded to your ticket
  • Pending tickets are when there has been back and forth but is now pending an answer from Dropil support
  • Closed tickets are resolved and no longer need attention

Creating a Ticket

From the support landing page, select the “Create a Ticket” button.

Enter a subject that gives a brief overview of your issue followed by details in the ticket details box. You may upload photos of the issue using the link at the bottom if you feel it will help us understand the issue better.

After Ticket Creation

After selecting “Create Ticket” you will be directed to the list of your support tickets and it will open your most recent ticket. Here you may submit more replies, attach more photos, or close the ticket.

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