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Remote Wallet Import

While Max supports monitoring external wallets for transactions as well as managing wallets with provided private keys, you can also use Max for general portfolio monitoring. Importing a wallet without a private key brings over the transactions associated with that account on the blockchain and adds those funds to your portfolio in Max.

To get started, locate your list of assets on the sidebar located on the left side of the screen. Click on the asset you want to add a wallet for.

Below the graph of that asset’s performance, you will see an “Import” button. Click here to add your external wallet.

Importing Your Wallet

The import menu will pop up where you can fill in your wallet name, wallet address, and choose your settings for importing your most recent transactions and private key. Because this won’t be a wallet we want to manage through Max, we will not be checking the box to import a private key. If you’re looking to manage this wallet through Max, follow our guide for that located here. 

Viewing Your Wallet

After your wallet is added to Max you will see it on the page for that particular coin/token in your assets list. Here you can review your balances or remove your wallet. If you chose to include your private key, you can also send and receive coins from this wallet. If you did not include your private key, you can still copy your wallet address and receive funds, but you will not be able to withdraw or manage them further without the private key.

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