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Account security is extremely important and even more so when dealing with cryptocurrency.  Unlike some traditional transaction types when cryptocurrency is hacked it is essentially gone forever. Because of this hackers are attracted to cryptocurrency which is why we recommend you to take all possible precautions to ensure your account is safe.  

At Dropil, we take security  seriously and while this is not an exhaustive detailing of our defense techniques, we’re pleased to provide the following tools to assist in keeping your account secure:

  • All user data is encrypted with AES256 End-to-End encryption
  • We have integrated Google Authenticator 2FA into multiple website functions like account changes.
  • 2FA is required to enable withdrawals from your account and every withdrawal must be confirmed via email.
  • Consecutive unsuccessful login attempts will lock out an account and eventually the users IP, as well as notify the user that’s being attacked.
  • Email notifications on password and 2FA disable
  • Recaptcha to prevent malicious sign-in attempts that may not be a human.
  • Every account login and Ip addresses are logged
  • Routine third party penetration tests of the system


Security Recommendations

 We supply all the necessary tools to keep your account safe, but it is ultimately up to you to use them. We have provided some recommendations for account security best practices below.

  1. Never use the same password twice! Using a password manager like LastPass  will make doing this much easier
  2. Use a strong password, multiple upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters. Example: “StronGpassWord098&^%” (Don’t use this for your Dropil account)
  3. Do not access any account holding Crypto from a shared network.
  4. Change passwords routinely
  5. Use 2-factor authentication (2FA)
  6. Use a skeptical eye and common sense, there are many scams out there, double verify sources before transferring crypto to anywhere.
  7. Do not save your passwords on your computer. We know this makes your life easy, but it’s extremely insecure. The contents of your wallet are worth the extra 2 seconds it takes to input your password.  

Following the steps above will ensure your Dropil account, and every other account you have in the crypto world will be kept safe. If you suspect your account has been compromised or know of a security issue that needs to be brought to our attention contact Dropil support at [email protected]

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