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Once you have created an account and selected an Arthur subscription plan, you will be able to link your Telegram account and email to receive alerts. This is done in the user settings panel by entering your Telegram username and email. If you have not set up a Telegram username, you must do so within Telegram settings first.

Steps to Setup the Arthur Assistant

First, log in to the Arthur user portal: Click Here to Login

Once logged in, click the gear in the top right corner of the page and then click the “Settings” link

The Settings panel will popup. Navigate to the “Notifications” tab of the settings panel. Once there, click the switch for whichever alert method you would like to use – Telegram or Email. Enter your Telegram username and/or your email address and click Save.

If you only linked your email, no further action is needed. If you linked your Telegram and it was successful, you will see a success popup that includes a link to navigate to the Arthur Telegram bot. Click the link in order to complete the Telegram link process.

Messaging Arthur

Once you have opened a conversation with the Arthur bot, you will need to message him /start to begin. You should see a confirmation that your Telegram was successfully linked. To see a list of commands you may use /help.


We hope you enjoy Arthur!

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