How to manage ERC20 Tokens In One Ethereum Wallet

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Managing your ERC20 tokens with Max is a breeze thanks to the ability to store and manage your supported tokens all in one Ethereum wallet. All supported tokens that are ERC20 compatible can be managed by first creating a normal Ethereum wallet in Max. For information about creating your first Max wallet, see our guide here. Once you have completed that step, follow the guide below for adding other tokens to that wallet.

Adding Tokens to an Existing Wallet

The first step after you have added your initial Ethereum wallet is to open your Ethereum assets through the Max Wallet by selecting Ethereum from the sidebar.

You will see a list of your Ethereum wallets previously created or imported. Select the “Add Asset” button to add a managed token, just as if you were adding another wallet.

First, you will choose what ERC20 token you want to add to Max. For this example, we will use our own token, Dropil (DROP).


After selecting your token, you will choose which existing Ethereum address you want to store your tokens in

Now choose a personalized name and create your wallet. Be sure to name your wallet something familiar that you will easily be able to identify.

If you were successful, your Dropil wallet will populate and display the same address as your previously created Ethereum address

You will see the token now associated with your previously created Ethereum wallet and you can manage it from either the Ethereum or Dropil wallet pages. This process can be repeated with each supported ERC20 that you want to store and they will show up individually in your asset list on the sidebar.

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