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Getting Started with Earn Dropil

Earn Dropil is a way for users to earn Drops through various campaigns involving content creation centered around different aspects of the Dropil platform. Upon navigating to the Earn Dropil Welcome page, you will see options to find your referral code or to visit Market Dropil where you can view all active promotions related to Earn Dropil. This area will also be where submissions are done and where the results of your submissions can be viewed.

Click the Start button or follow this link to view the current open campaigns

Reviewing Campaign Details

Once you’ve opened up the list of active campaigns, you’ll see a brief description under each task along with their possible award amounts. Click the View button to see all of the details related to that specific campaign.

Read through the participation requirements as well as what represents a good and bad example for your chosen campaign. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines laid out for their campaign may receive no reward or a reduced reward for their content. We encourage users to create high-quality submissions to maximize their experience in Earn Dropil.

Accepting a Task

If you decide that a specific campaign appeals to you and you want to create a submission for it, click the “Add Task” button on your campaign of choice.

Under Campaign Details, you will see the status of your submission update in real-time as soon as you accept or submit a task.

Submitting Your Entry

Once you have finished creating your content for the campaign, click on your campaign of choice again and select the Submit Work button.

A popup will appear where you can input the link or links to your content

After submitting your content, the status will show as awaiting review until it is graded by our team. You can manage your submissions here and either submit more content or delete previous submissions using the trash bin icon.

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