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What is Dex Assistant?

Dex assistant is a bot that connects you directly to your account on the Dex platform.  It is a powerful tool that can give you quick access to view information, create support tickets, and execute other commands to provide you with information about your Dex account.  Dex assistant is a smart bot that is constantly receiving over the air updates from the Dropil team.  We are recording, updating, and improving the Dex assistant to help and assist with your profile on the Dex platform.

Steps to Setup Dex Assistant

Login to the Dex Platform

Go to your settings on the Dex Platform

  Click the notifications tab on the settings page.

  Enable the Link Telegram Checkbox

  Enter your Telegram username in the text field box and click save

  You can find your telegram username under the telegram settings.

  Click the “Click Here to Open Telegram” link to open the Dex Assistant bot.

If you are on a windows or mac desktop click the open telegram desktop button.

  Click the Start button once you are on the Dex Assistant bot.

Dex Assistant will connect your account and you will have successfully connected to Dex Assistant!

Type /help to get a list of Dex Assistant’s current commands, we are always updating Dex Assistant.  Dex assistant will notify you when he is updated and what has been added.

List of Dex Assistant commands: 

  • /lasthour – Shows the past hour of your Dex Dex performance.
  • /lastday – Shows the past day of your Dex performance.
  • /last15days – Shows the past 15 days of your Dex performance.
  • /mode – Shows the current mode of your Dex profile.
  • /status – Checks the status of your Dex profile.
  • /totalworth – Gives you the total worth of your Dex portfolio.
  • /projection – Projects the total worth of your Dex portfolio in 3 years based on risk level.
  • /support – Allows you to create a support ticket. (Operation)
  • /price – Gives you the current price of a DROP.
  • /calculate – Calculates a USD amount you set based on historical performance of Dex to predict your probable ending balance. (Operation)
  • /whenlambo – Calculates how far you are from owning your lambo Or roadster.
  • /feedback – Allows you to submit feedback on the Dex Assistant.
  • /help – Gives you a list of commands And helpful hints on how to use Dex Assistant.
  • /cancel – Cancels any operation you are

Things to remember

Make sure you are connected to the correct bot as people may create scam bots to steal from you.  You should have no issues if you use the link found in the portal when setting up.

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