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Max Monitoring

It’s important to keep track of your funds both inside and outside of your Max account. While Max enables easy monitoring of the wallets in your portfolio, the monitoring tool also allows tracking other wallets of importance outside of Max. One example is monitoring the largest Bitcoin address watching for movement. These coins have been stagnant for many years, but with Max, you can be the first to know if they ever move. You can also use Max Monitoring to track your cold storage coins. If you have addresses in a hardware wallet or other cold storage wallet for holding, you can securely monitor your addresses and be alerted if there is any unexpected movement of your funds.

Adding a Monitor

After you have logged into the Max portal, either choose Monitoring from the sidebar or follow this link to bring up the monitoring page and choose “Add Monitor” as pictured above. From there it will ask you to choose what type of cryptocurrency you want to monitor.

Name your monitored wallet and enter the address you want to track. Then choose your settings for how you want to be alerted. Notification settings can be updated later from your monitoring page.


Viewing Your Monitored Wallets

The list of your monitored addresses is found either through the Monitoring link on the Max sidebar or at this link. You will see your addresses as well as your notification settings next to that wallet’s balance. If you need to change your notification settings at any time, it can be done through these.

  • The Telegram logo enables or disables Telegram alerts from Max
  • The envelope icon enables or disables email alerts from Max
  • The downward arrow enables or disables notifications when a coin is received
  • The upward arrow enables or disables notifications when a coin is sent

Click here for a guide on getting your Max Telegram Assistant setup.

Your transactions will appear on the Max Monitoring page as well as being transmitted to you through email or Telegram, whatever your preferences are.

Here is an example of what a Telegram notification looks like:

Deleting a Monitored Address

If you no longer have the need to monitor an address, click the trash bin icon to remove it. A popup will appear asking you to confirm the details and that you want to delete the monitor. If you find the need to monitor this address again, you can set it back up at any time through Max.

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