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With Max, it’s easy to bring all of your wallets together in one place by importing your private keys. By importing your private keys, you add your address and private key to the Max portal and you will be able to manage and send funds from that wallet even though it was not created natively in Max.

Copy Your Private Key

You can either access your private key by opening it in your current wallet or by just copying the key from somewhere you’ve written it down. Every wallet has a different method of accessing your private keys and may require a password to view. Remember not to share this key with anyone, as it grants access to move your funds. Below is a screenshot of what your private key looks like when unencrypted in Metamask. 

Add an Asset

Next, you will either add a new asset to Max (such as Ethereum) or if you have already added the asset to Max you can just click the asset with a private key you would like to import in your list.

After you have added or opened your asset, select the “Import” button below the graph with that coin’s performance.

Import Wallet

On this screen, you will choose what asset you would like to manage with the private key you will be importing and naming your wallet. The name of your wallet is a personal choice and does not have to be anything specific, it is meant to help you easily identify the wallet. Check the box labeled “Import Private Key” and paste your key into the appropriately labeled box. Whether or not you import your last 100 transactions is optional, but allows you to import and see recent wallet history. Once you have set up your wallet, click the “Add Wallet” button to finalize.

Your wallet has now been successfully imported and will be visible on your wallet page here and you will be able to send and receive funds normally.

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