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Jade Advanced Settings

While Jade does have preconfigured modes with default settings, we also recognize that more experienced traders will want more control over what Jade does. In the Advanced Settings menu when creating a bot, users can mix and match different options to cater to their needs and their trading styles. Keep in mind that Jade is not guaranteed to win every trade even on default settings, and changing advanced settings can hurt as much as it can help.

Advanced Settings In-Depth

When creating a new bot, there is a box to enable these advanced settings and give you more control of how your individual bots operate.

Target Profit Percent

This number determines how much to profit before the bot decides to sell. The trailing stop allows for this value to be slightly higher than the set percent given certain market conditions.

Trailing Stop

Trailing stops allow your profits to climb higher than the Target Profit Percent. Once the Target Profit Percent is reached, Jade will wait until the profit percent drops by the value set in this field before taking profit.

Maximum Positions

This value determines how many open positions your bot will have at any given time. The more coins you choose, the more spread out your money will be and the less the performance of individual coins will impact your total profits/funds.

Min. 24H Exchange Volume

Jade won’t open a new trade unless the coin has more volume than the value entered here. Generally speaking, coins with higher volume are less volatile overall, less likely to be delisted, and often has more liquidity. While these are general rules of thumb, they may not always be the case.

Custom Pair Options

Using custom pair options, users can whitelist or blacklist specific coins. Blacklisting certain coins ensures that Jade does not open new trades with that pair. This can be useful if a coin was recently added to Binance and is in price discovery or if you have specific coins you think Jade shouldn’t trade for any other reason.

Using the whitelist option, users can pick what coins Jade will trade. Jade will be limited to trading only the coins entered here if the whitelist is enabled.

Safety Nets

Stop Loss

The percent chosen for a stop loss dictates when the trade will be automatically closed if the profit falls below this percent. The minimum stop loss is dictated by your number of average down orders as well as your average down threshold while at maximum, you can set the stop loss to 100% for the trade to never close until it reaches your target profit.

Maximum Average Down Orders

This is the maximum number of times Jade will average down. Averaging down is when the trade drops in profit by the percent outlined in the Average Down Threshold option and Jade purchases more to bring the average entry price down.

1 Bitcoin bought at $10,000 USD
2 Bitcoin bought to average down at $4,000 USD
Price needed to break even: $6,000 USD

Average Down Threshold

This is the percent gap between placing average down orders.

For example: When set at 2.5%, Jade will purchase more of the coin every time it drops 2.5%, up to your maximum number of average down orders.

Average Down Multiplier

Adjusting this will adjust the size of your average down orders relative to your original order size. For example, if your original order size is 1 BTC and this is set to 1.5, then your average down orders will be 1.5 BTC each. This option quickly accumulates coins as the price moves down in order to lower your cost average faster.

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