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Frequently Asked Jade Questions

With so many options and choices for users to make when it comes to Jade, it’s understandable that there will be a few questions. Below you'll find many of the common questions we receive regarding Jade. If you have a question that isn't listed below, consider asking in our Telegram channel here.

I started Jade a while ago, why hasn’t it made any trades yet?

While Jade may not have a high number of trades, she makes an effort to make the most of the trades she does take. There are a number of instances where the market goes through phases that Jade is unlikely to trade. One such example is a parabolic move upward, also known as a pump. Jade will not buy in the middle of a pump, but rather wait until it comes back down. Trading within a small price range or trending will result in fewer trades than a market that is red and seeing some losses.

What are the best settings for Jade?

In different market scenarios, different bots will work well. There are 4 default strategies we have created based on our testing that has worked well in the long term under a variety of market conditions. This does not mean these defaults will produce the best returns or that they will even be profitable, but they have been heavily tested and proven satisfactory. If you do not know what you are doing.

How does the price buffer work?

The price buffer is the amount a coin must drop before Jade will start trading it. The percentage drop is not from one hour to another or day-to-day, but a custom calculation that Jade uses to produce quality points to enter trades. Once the coin has dropped enough to meet Jade’s liking, only then will she open trades.

Why is each of my trades so small when I have a sizable balance?

This is due to a combination of settings that can be altered in your advanced settings. Each individual trade is kept small to leave room for averaging down. If Jade makes a purchase of $20, the price goes down 4%, Jade’s will make another purchase which increases the total size of your trade. The only way to increase the size of individual trades is by lowering your number of average down orders, your average down multiplier, your maximum number of positions, or any combination of these.

Why do I have slightly less BNB in Jade than shown on Binance?

A portion of your BNB is kept in reserve to be used for fees. Rather than trading all of your BNB and risking running out, Jade automatically ignores a portion of your funds to keep them in reserve for fees.

Is there a minimum amount of funds for Jade?

The minimums are dependant on your bot settings. If you want to run a bot with only 1 position, you would only need approximately $50. If you want to run 10 positions, you would need approximately $500. When creating your Jade configurations, it will tell you how many positions and average down orders you are allowed to have with the funds you provide.

Does Jade buy BNB for fees when I run out?

Jade does not currently support the automatic purchase of BNB to pay for trading fees.

Is the stop loss from my average price or the price of my first buy?

The stop loss is from the price of your first trade, not your average. This means that although Jade may buy a coin at multiple price levels and your average price will continue to go down, your stop price is still measured from your trade entry.

Which base pair should I choose?

This is entirely up to the user. Whatever pair you choose is the pair that you will accumulate. For example, if you choose USDT as a base pair, profits from Jade will be in USDT and the fiat value of your holdings will increase/decrease based on performance. If you choose BTC, BNB, or ETH you will get more of these coins. 

Why do I have a trade missing in Jade that occurred on an exchange?

There are a number of back-end calculations that go into every trade that Jade makes, as well as many moving parts associated with deploying and tracking trades. There will sometimes be trades that occur in Binance but never display in the Jade portal. While these trades are few and far between, it is a reality that trades will occasionally become intermixed or be missing completely but we will always be striving to minimize these issues in order to deliver the best product possible. If this occurs, you will have to manually close your trade on the exchange in order to free up those funds. 

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