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Secondary Accounts Introduction

Secondary accounts are our implementation of a way for users to track a set of funds separately from their main funds. Many of our users have reported that they have family accounts that they manage, be it for their significant others, children, parents, etc. We would like to keep this ability in the new update, thus we implemented secondary accounts. A secondary account is a way for users to setup a link between two Dropil accounts in which Dex funds, withdrawal valuations, and payouts between the primary and the secondary account are linked.

Secondary accounts will be enabled very soon. In the meantime, users wishing to have a secondary account can leave their funds in their primary account or in their existing account without worry.

Setting Up Secondary Accounts

To link your secondary accounts, login to your primary account and open the Dex settings menu by selecting the cog in the top right corner of your screen. You will see your currently linked TruID and a button to open the secondary accounts screen. Click the “+ Add a Secondary Account” button to open the linking secondary account screen.

Enter the username or email associated with your secondary account and press the “Link Account” button.

After submitting an account link request, a popup will notify you that in order to confirm your secondary account, you must log into that account and input your TruID. You may copy your TruID from the settings page on your primary account, or log into your Truwho account and copy it from there.


Linking Your Secondary Account

After logging in to your secondary account, open the Dex settings panel once again and navigate to the KYC tab. Here you will input and save your TruID to confirm this alternate account.

Secondary Account Status

After adding secondary accounts, they will be listed under the KYC tab on your main account. The username and email are displayed, as well as the status of their link. There are only two possible status options for the TruID link:

  • Link Complete: This means that you have submitted an account as a secondary AND have logged into that secondary account to confirm the link.
  • Link Incomplete: This means that you have submitted an account as a secondary but have not logged into your secondary account to confirm the link.

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