Linking Your Personal Jade Assistant

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Linking your Telegram account

The first step is to link your Telegram account with your Dropil account. This username is found in your Telegram settings. By default, Telegram accounts do not have a username, so you must make one if you have not set one up already.

Copy your Telegram username and paste it into the appropriate field in Dropil Home. After pasting your username, select the green Connect button.

You should receive a “Success!” message after connecting your account. Your account will now be saved but is not yet verified. It will be verified once you have connected it with one of the Assistant Bots.

Verifying Your Account and Linking the Jade Assistant

Press the green Connect button next to Jade to verify your account and link your Jade Assistant to your Dropil account.

Follow the link in the “Success!” message or click this link to begin your conversation with the Jade Assistant.

The link above should automatically send the /start command to the bot. If it does not, you will have to send the /start command to finish setting it up.

Choosing Your Notification Settings

After successfully linking your Jade Assistant, you can set up your notification preferences back in the Dropil portal Jade. Select the cog for the Jade assistant in the Telegram tab in Dropil Home, or simply follow this link.

Currently, notifications are available for when trades open and close but stay on the lookout for more functionality coming to the Jade assistant for additional notifications and functionality.

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