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How to Obtain Your TruID and API Key

Linking your TruID to your Dropil account is an easy process that can be done within a few short steps. The process can be completed in a matter of a few minutes. If you don’t already have a TruID from Truwho, register at and begin the KYC verification process. Once you have received your TruID, return to this article.

In order to link your TruID to Dropil, you will need to grant access to Dropil by providing your TruID and Dropil API Key which can be easily generated inside the Truwho user portal. First, navigate to the TruID page inside the Truwho user portal.

Once you land on the TruID page, click on the “plus” button next to the Linked Partners section.

Pressing on this button should open a popup that will allow you to select a partner to link to. From the dropdown menu inside the popup, select Dropil and click the “Create” button.

Once you click this button, you will have generated your Dropil API Key. Save the API Key that is shown on the following screen.

Now that you have your API Key, you can link your TruID to Dropil. If you haven’t already written down your TruID, you can access it by navigating to the side menu of the Truwho user portal.

Connecting your TruID and API Key in the Dropil Portal

In order to connect your TruID and API Key to Dropil, navigate to the Dropil Home KYC tab and enter your TruID and API Key, then click the connect button.

Once you’ve clicked the connect button, you should receive an alert saying the connection was successful. If you do not receive this alert, contact support for further assistance by creating a ticketAfter this, you’re all set!

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