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How to Link Your TruID To Your Dropil Account

Linking your TruID to your Dropil account is an easy process that can be done within a few short steps that should only take minutes. First, you need to locate your TruID. This can be seen by logging in to the Truwho user portal and navigating to the verification page. Copy the text that begins with TRU followed by two letters and eight numbers. This is your unique TruID.

Linking Your TruID Within The Dropil Portal

Navigate to your settings panel within the Dropil portal by logging in and clicking the cog in the top right corner of your screen. Select the tab titled “KYC” and input your TruID into the box. Once you have confirmed your TruID is correct, use the save button to confirm the link.

Approving Dropil’s TruID Request

After saving your TruID in the Dropil portal, navigate back to your Truwho account here and you will have a new notification of a Partner Link Request. Open your notifications and click on the New Partner Link Request.

This will prompt you to approve that Dropil is allowed to receive your TruID and verification level on the Truwho platform. No personal information is passed on to Dropil. Use the Approve Link button to confirm the link between your two accounts.

After that, you’re all set! Your Dropil portal should now show that you have successfully linked your TruID to your Dropil account and you may now use Dex freely.

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