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If you have a Microsoft based email service (i.e. outlook, hotmail, live, MSN, etc), please add “[email protected]” to your address book and you should receive emails from us once again. If this does not fix your problem please create a service ticket and we will look into your unique situation.

Open Your Contact List

This can be done by either following this link or selecting “People” at the bottom of your emails page.

Add New Contact

At the top of your page, follow the button that says “New contact”

Enter Our Email and Save

Be sure to name your contact something you will remember, such as “Dropil Emails” and set the email address to “[email protected]” and click Create at the bottom of the popup.

That’s it! Your emails should no longer filter out of your mailbox automatically.


Non-Outlook Emails

We typically only have issues with Outlook based accounts. If you have a Gmail or other account that is not getting emails from us, be sure to check your Junk box and make sure that your email is typed properly in your account details in Dropil Home.

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