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Choosing a Prediction

To find a prediction to wager on, follow the All Predictions in the portal header or use this link. Select your prediction of choice and choose your outcome. You can either choose your outcome directly from the screen below or follow the “Predict Outcome” button to see all available outcomes and place your wager.

Prediction Information

Clicking Predict Outcome on your prediction of choice will bring up a popup with more information about it. Be sure to carefully evaluate the prediction before placing your wager. Follow the steps below to place a wager with Seer:

  1. Select your outcome or view More Details
  2. Enter an amount to wager
  3. Review your potential earnings
  4. Submit

In the prediction below, users are wagering on what the price of Ethereum will be on January 31, 2021. Users who wager “True” believe the price will be greater than $115. Users who wager “False” believe Ethereum will be valued less than $115.

After clicking on a cryptocurrency prediction, users will see an option to view more details pertaining to that specific prediction. The current price, market cap, and the percent change over the last 24 hours and last 7 days is visible from the “More Details” section. This allows users to be immediately informed of the current market state of the cryptocurrency relevant in the prediction.

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