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The how to buy drops walkthrough, we cover purchasing BTC with Coinbase. Coinbase is not the only tool available to easily Purchase BTC with USD, and this article will cover purchasing BTC with the Cash app. Cash app is a money transfer tool that now allows anyone to buy and sell Bitcoin directly from their phone. The benefit to using Cash app is your BTC is available instantly within your account, the fee is less than Coinbase, and you can transfer the BTC to any compatible wallet the same day you purchase (after going through KYC process)

Download the Cash app here

Click the “Cash & BTC” icon at the top of the main screen.

The “BTC” purchase icon will take you to the BTC purchase page.

The BTC page will display the amount of BTC you have currently, a price chart, and the current price of BTC. Click the “Buy” button. 

The purchase screen has a slider, slide this right to increase the amount of BTC you wish to purchase.

Once you have selected the correct amount click “BUY”

If you do not have funds in your Cash app account you will be prompted to transfer funds from the account you linked during setup.

Click the “Add” button

Confirm your purchase

The BTC you purchased will be shown at the top of your screen.

We have $98.74 because Cash app takes the fee out of your purchase. Total Fee for purchasing $100 in BTC: $1.26

To transfer your BTC out of the application you need to go back to the main page. Click the up arrow.

Now back on the main page click your avatar icon.

At the bottom of the settings page you there is a section, that shows the amount of BTC you have within your app. 

In the next section, you will see the option to “withdraw Bitcoin” Click that.

Note: if you have not performed KYC you will not be asked to submit the required items (front and back of photo ID and image of yourself). Once approved you will be allowed to withdraw.

Select the amount of BTC you would like to transfer and click “withdraw”

Scan your QR code to manually input the wallet address, click “Confirm”, and you have now purchased BTC using the Cash app!

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