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The balances in your Max wallets are automatically updated and synced periodically. If you have sent coins or tokens to a Max wallet and they are not showing up, you may need to use the rescan button to refresh your balances manually. This button syncs your balances in Max to your wallet balances on the blockchain and displays your relevant balances.

Opening Your Wallet

First, you’ll want to open up the Max home page and select your wallet of choice.

Rescanning Your Wallet

To scan your wallet, select the rescan button located below the large deposit and withdraw buttons and next to the delete wallet button. It appears as two cyclical arrows. 

You should receive a popup that confirms you wish to rescan the wallet and informs you that it will update the wallet balance as well as the last 100 transactions from that wallet. If you have not made many transactions, this process is nearly instant. If you have many transactions to load, it may take up to 1 minute to import those transactions.

If your rescan was successful, you will see a green box confirming it was successful and your portal balances and transactions will update.

Note that if you have sent funds to a wallet they may not immediately show even with a rescan depending on the status of the transaction on your network of choice. If your transaction is confirmed on the network yet does not show up in Max after rescanning, please create a support ticket and we will investigate it.

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