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Our Referral Program

Dropil has an exceptionally strong user community, and we want to reward you for sharing your love of Dropil with your friends.

Subscription Benefits

With the expansion of our platform to include subscription options for premium services within Arthur, Max, and Jade, Dropil users now also have the opportunity to earn ongoing rewards, indefinitely! You may receive 10% of all subscription amounts paid by those that use your referral link, and at the same time, those signing up for a subscription through a referral link receive a permanent 10% discount on their subscription.

Seer Referrals

Users receive 1% of all Drops wagered in Seer by your referrals. If someone you refer makes a wager for 100,000 Drops, you get 1,000 Drops.

Lottery Rewards

There are two ways to benefit from referring users who end up participating in our Dropil Games lotteries.

  • Receive 1% of the winning lottery pool when your referrals win the lottery
  • Receive 1% of all Drops spent on lottery tickets by your referrals


Manage your Referrals

Many parts of the Dropil platform have gotten a refresh, and the referral system is no exception. Not only can you customize your referral link, but you can also generate up to a total of 5 customizable referral links if you link your TruID

From within most sections of the Dropil site, you can manage your referrals by clicking the cogwheel and selecting the “Refer and Earn” link.

The Referrals section allows you to view, edit and generate referral links, as well as see a list of everyone that has used your link to signup for a Dropil account or subscribed for a premium service through any of your referral links. You may customize your referral link by clicking on “Edit Default Code”:

After choosing a custom word or phrase, click on the following icon to save your new referral code:

If you have already linked a TruID to your Dropil account, you may create additional referral links by clicking “Create New Code” as shown below.  To copy an existing referral link, click on the following icon:

Generating a Referral Image Banner

If you’d like to create a referral code image, click on the following icon immediately to right. Also, note that clicking the red trashcan icon will allow you to delete a referral code and create others in its place.

On this page, you can choose from among several themes for your referral image.

The final step in creating your custom referral image will be to choose the format, or size and shape, of your image.

Once you have finalized your theme and format selections, you will be shown a preview of your custom referral image – which will include your custom referral code – and the option of downloading the image to share with your friends:

Share any of your invite links with your referrals and have them create an account or subscribe to a premium service. It is very important the user you refer uses your link when creating an account, or when subscribing for a premium service, for you to both receive the corresponding rewards and discounts.

Signing Up With a Referral Code

You may either use a link with a referral code embedded in it or manually type in a referral code when signing up and entering your account information.

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