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Help us spread Dropil’s message to every corner of the crypto world.

Dropil has an exceptionally strong user community, and we want to reward you for sharing your love of Dropil with your friends.  Tell a friend about Dropil using the link below and you will both receive a $5 credit following the sign-up and completion of at least one Dex cycle by a new user following your link.  This is just one of the many initiatives to spread awareness for Dropil and help this community continue to grow. For more information on the referral program please visit the Dropil promotion page.

Finding your referral invite link

Your referral link can be found by clicking the cog wheel, and selecting the “Invite a Friend” link.

The Invites section is where you will find your referral link and a list of everyone that has used your link to signup for a Dropil account.

Send the invite link to your referral and have them create an account. It is very important the user you refer uses your link when creating an account for you to both receive your $5 bonus.

Creating a Referral Account

  • Click the invite link or paste into your into browser URL bar
  • Input the necessary account information and click “create account”

  • To verify you used the correct referral link, visit your account settings.

  • Once in account settings navigate to the profile section
  • Below the Registered date, you should see the email of the individual that referred you.

  • Now that your account is set up, deposit funds into Dex. For assistance with that please review This Article
  • Come back to your account in 15 days and you will have your $5 bonus!

Verify you received the bonus

Referred User:

  • When your first Dex payout happens it will include the $5 bonus.
  • The fist Dex payout was $2.46, or 624.38 Drops (current value .003941)

  • You will see $5 worth of Drops was included in your first payout and you have an available balance of $5

  • You just received your referral bonus!


  • Visit your “invite a friend” section, which was covered at the beginning of this article.
  • Under the referral history, you will see the referral information listed.
  • Status should be “Credited” and Credited should show “Yes”

  • Click Cashout to have your Drops deposited into your Dropil wallet.

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