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In the event that you need to disconnect your API keys from Jade it is important to do it properly so that all of your active trades are closed in the process. If your API keys are disabled or if you remove your API keys from Jade without closing your current trades, you will have to log into Binance and manually sell your coins. If you do not have any active bots, you can continue reading at the section “Removing Old API Keys” below.

Stopping Your Bots

The first step is to stop your active bots associated with the API keys you want to remove. After logging into Jade you will see your list of active bots. Click the pause button on your bots to halt them, and then the trash bin icon to remove your bot.

In a case where API keys have been deactivated by an exchange, none of these functions will work properly as Jade can no longer close your positions. If this is the case, you will have to open the exchange and close them by hand. This means placing sell orders on each coin you want to liquidate to BTC/ETH/USDT. Keep in mind that Jade may have open orders that haven’t filled yet, and you will want to cancel those as well.


If your API keys are still working, it is the user’s choice if they want to close their current positions or leave them open. Your bot may have active trades that are negative and closing these trades either manually or through this step will realize those losses.

Removing Old API Keys

To remove your old API keys, open the Exchanges section at the top of your Jade portal or follow this link. Follow the Manage Exchanges button at the bottom to view your currently linked exchanges.

Next to the API keys you want to revoke, click Disconnect.

You will be asked to confirm you want to remove this API key. If you have any bots still linked to this API key, they will be removed at this step. If they still have open/active orders, they will no longer be managed.

After confirming, you will see that you have successfully disconnected your API keys and unlinked your exchange account.

You will now need to create new API keys and link them with Jade. For the Binance Exchange, follow this guide to create your new API keys.

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