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We understand there might come a time when you need to remove some or all of your Drops from Dex. This Article will walk you through the process of removing Drops from Dex.

  • From the Dex home page, at the top right, there is a red “Take Out Early” Button.

  • Clicking this will take you to the screen where you select the number of Drops to remove from Dex

Remember the following:

  • Removing Drops from Dex will cause a loss of unrealized profit
  • A Drop value of $50 must be in Dex at all times. To have a balance of less than $50, you must remove all Drops
  • Withdrawing Drops creates an active withdrawal timer, and Drops added back to Dex within 90 days will be at the value they were previously withdrawn at
  • I am removing $38 from dex which is going to forfeit my unrealized profits

Pro Tip: If you would like to remove all funds from Dex select “Cancel Dex  Completely

  • Success! We have removed some Drops from Dex. The additional Drops will be added to your available Drop balance.

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