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What Is Seer?

Seer is a prediction market platform that allows users to create and participate in predictions. Users can choose to either back their wagers with Drops in the Live Play version, or with Points in Free Play. Predictions can be made for anything from cryptocurrency markets to sports or politics. Cryptocurrency prediction results are determined by Coin Market Cap automatically, while custom predictions are validated by multiple Seer admins to ensure accurate result reporting.

Prediction Types

There are two types of predictions. Cryptocurrency predictions are determined through Coin Market Cap API. Custom prediction outcomes are predictions that cannot be resolved through Coin Market Cap data and require manual review by our Seer Admin Staff. Each result is reviewed by multiple admins to ensure fair and correct reporting.

Cryptocurrency Prediction Examples

  • Price
  • Market Cap
  • Rank
  • 24H % Change
  • 7D % Change

Custom Prediction Examples

  • Election outcomes
  • Sporting results
  • eSports
  • Stocks
  • Social media

The sky is the limit with possible predictions to be made with Seer.

Free Play vs Live Play

There are two modes for users to choose from to place their wagers in Seer. You can choose which play mode to start on during the guide when first starting with Seer, by choosing your mode in the settings tab, or simply by clicking the play mode toggle button located in the header seen below.

Live Play

With Live Play, users wager their actual Drops on predictions and all winnings are paid out in Drops as well. In this mode, users risk real Drops for a chance to earn more than they started with. Keep in mind that this means when users lose, Drops are deducted meaning users gain or lose real tokens.

Free Play

In Free Play, users wager Points on predictions and all winnings are earned in Points as well. These points are equivalent to arcade tickets or tokens and carry no cash value and are not redeemable anywhere. With Free Play, there is no risk to your DROP tokens as they are not gained or lost based on prediction results.

Users start with 100,000 Points and can refill their Point balance once per day. The option to refill your point balance appears in the header once users have below 25,000 Points in their account.

If you’re running low on points and click the refill button, the screen below will appear and prompt you to fill your account back up so you can continue to wager. It will display the number of refills you have used as well as when your last refill was.

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