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What are Seer Points in Free Play?

In Free Play, users wager Seer Points on predictions and all winnings are earned in Seer Points as well. These points are equivalent to arcade tickets or tokens and carry no cash value. With Free Play, there is no risk to your DROP tokens as they are not gained or lost based on prediction results.


Using Seer Points

We are currently working on implementing ways to make Seer Points more valuable. For example, running contests where you can win based on your participation level in Seer and exchanging your points directly for Drops.

There will be a number of ways to use Seer Points coming to the platform so make sure to take advantage of Free Play and use your free Seer Points every day.

How Can I Get Seer Points?

Users start with 100,000 Points automatically and can refill their Point balance once per day by clicking the Refill button at the top of the portal. The option to refill your point balance appears in the header once users have below 25,000 Seer Points in their account. If you have points in active predictions, these still count toward your balance and will prevent you from refilling if you have more than 25,000 points total.

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