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Seer Settings

The settings panel in Seer contains some customization options for your account as well as privacy controls to optimize Seer experience. The settings menu can be accessed by selecting the cog in the top-right corner of the screen.


The first page of your settings is your general Seer account settings. You can customize your Seer display name or regenerate a random display name as much as you want.


If you would like a custom display name for our leaderboards, click the “Custom Name” button and enter your desired name. Please remember to keep it clean and tasteful. If you decide any random name is fine for you, select “Generate Random” to have one chosen for you. These randomized names allow for anonymity on the leaderboards so you can still show off your wager skills without sharing your information with the world.


Avatars are randomly generated and have no specific meaning, but can be regenerated until you find one to your liking. There are numerous colors and shapes for your pixel avatar so feel free to work on finding one that suits you.

Play Mode

The last setting in the General tab is the Play Mode settings. Here you can toggle between which mode you want to play under. In Live Play users wager, Drops and winnings/losses occur in Drops. In Free Play, everything is accounted in Points and there is no monetary risk or reward. See our overview article here that covers the important distinction between these two modes.


In the Privacy tab, users can choose how much information they want to be public about their Seer activity.

Users have the option of controlling what data is public from the following:

  • Display name
  • Prediction and wager history on their profile
  • Created predictions on their profile
  • Individual leaderboard stats

Hiding Display Name

Hiding your display name prevents your name from appearing when you create a prediction and under the list of people who have placed a wager. Your name will show as “Hidden” if this option is enabled.

User Page Settings

These settings control what other users can see when visiting your profile page. If you want to hide your wager and prediction history, both options should be enabled.

Leaderboard Settings

Under the leaderboard settings, users can choose what leaderboard categories they want to be included in. For example, if you don’t want anyone to know how much you have wagered just uncheck the box for “Total Wagers” and you will show in every category but Total Wagers.


The Seer Telegram bot is Coming Soon! Keep a lookout for more information on this at a later date.

Other Settings

The Other Settings tab is where you can control all settings not directly related to Seer. Clicking this link will navigate you to Dropil Home where you can update information like your password and timezone settings.

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