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Smart Multiplier in Seer

When a prediction is created in Seer, the creator has the option to enable what we call a Smart Multiplier. When the Smart Multiplier is enabled, a prediction is split evenly into four rounds, one for each 25% of the duration of the wagering period. Wagers made during the first period are weighted 4X as heavy as those wagered right before the prediction ends. This encourages users to not wait until the last minute to get their wagers in and rewards users who take early positions in the prediction.

A typical prediction flows like this:
Creation Date -> Wager Start Date -> Wager End Date -> Prediction Date

The four rounds are split evenly and weighted as described below:

  1. Begins on Start Date, carries a weight of 4X
  2. Begins with 75% of wagering time remaining, carries a weight of 3X
  3. Begins with 50% of wagering time remaining, carries a weight of 2X
  4. Begins with 25% of wagering time remaining, carries the standard weight of 1X

How Can I Tell What Round a Prediction is In?

The multiplier is displayed prominently on every prediction showing exactly what round you would be participating in along with a countdown timer showing how long is left for that specific multiplier.

What Happens When a Prediction is Over?

When a prediction is over, the rewards are distributed in a weighted fashion to each group dependent on which round each user participated in. The risk is the same, the reward is the only factor that is affected by when you participate. What this means is that if you wager 1,000 Drops in Round 1 or Round 4, no matter what, if you lose the prediction, then you lose 1,000 Drops. If you win the prediction, I would earn more for participating in round 1 than in round 4.

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