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Telegram Assistants

Many of our products have their own handy Telegram bot that can be used to check on different aspects of your account within our platform. The Dropil Assistants have passive capabilities like messaging you when you log into your account, and active capabilities allowing you to send commands to check the current price and monitor Dex performance. These assistants can be used from Telegram for desktop, mobile, and web meaning they can even be used on the go to check in with your favorite Dropil robots.

Linking your Telegram account

All of our Telegram Assistant bots are controlled through Dropil Home. The first step is to link your Telegram account with your Dropil account. This username is found in your Telegram settings. By default, Telegram accounts do not have a username, so you must make one if you have not set one up already.

Copy your Telegram username and paste it into the appropriate field in Dropil Home. After pasting your username, select the green Connect button.

You should receive a “Success!” message after connecting your accounts. Your account will now be saved but is not yet verified. It will be verified once you have connected it with the Dropil Home bot.

Connecting Dropil Telegram Bots

We will start with the assistant for Jade. The process for linking Max, Seer and the other assistants follows the same instructions. After you have connected to the Jade bot, you will repeat the process below for each subsequent bot you wish to connect. Click the Connect button next to the Dropil Jade Bot to get started.

The “Success!” message should appear with a link to the bot to finish verifying the setup. Click the link at @Jade_Dropil_Bot to finish.

The link above should automatically send the /start command to the bot. If it does not, you will have to send the /start command to finish setting it up.

After that, your Telegram Connection and Dropil Jade Bot link should be fully complete and ready for use. Once you have linked your account to @Home_Jade_Bot, you can either repeat the process for other bots by going back to the Dropil Home Telegram tab or by using the button provided in your Telegram chat with @Home_Dropil_Bot.

You can either choose to navigate to the other bots from the links inside the Dropil Home portal, or through the buttons provided by @Home_Dropil_Bot. Sending /start to each assistant will activate them and link your account.

Assistant Commands

Each assistant has a unique set of commands. You can get a list of commands by messaging /help to each bot. We’re always adding new commands and taking user suggestions and feedback for how to better integrate the assistants. Use the /suggest or /feedback command on any bot to let us know how we can improve.


Disconnecting from Telegram

After you have linked all of the Telegram bots in the Dropil Suite, your Dropil Home Telegram tab should look like this. If you ever need to disconnect an individual bot or disconnect your username as a whole you can do that with one click of the appropriate disconnect button.

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