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Time Lottery

The Time Lottery in Dropil Games is a basic lottery in the truest sense of the word. Every 7 days, a winner is drawn at random from the pool of participants. Users simply select a number of tickets to purchase at $1 apiece,  paid in Drops, and once the lottery time elapses a user is chosen at random. For the Time Lottery, the time remaining when you buy your tickets is irrelevant. Whether you buy tickets with 5 minutes or 5 days remaining your odds will be the same.

The more tickets you own, the higher your chance of winning.  If 100 tickets are sold and you own 10 of them, this gives you a statistically 10% chance of winning.

To calculate your odds of winning, simply divide the number of tickets you own by the total number of tickets. Multiply by 100 to convert it to a percentage if desired.

Purchasing Time Lottery Tickets

If the Time Lottery sounds like your type of game and you’re ready to purchase a ticket, follow the Time Lottery “More Details” button on the Games homepage or follow this link to purchase.

Here you will see important information for the current lottery cycle including stats relating to your own participation as well as how large the total pool will be should you win and how many other users are participating. At the bottom, the time remaining until the draw is shown. The time that your tickets are purchased does not matter.

Follow the Purchase button at the bottom to enter into the lottery and select your desired number of tickets.

A new popup will appear displaying the current cost per ticket. Type in the number of tickets you would like to purchase and review your total at the bottom. The numbers below the purchase button will automatically calculate the cost for your tickets in terms of Drops.

A successful purchase will yield a notification at the top of your portal that the transaction was a success. On the Time Lottery page, you should see the Your Stats section update with your new ticket amount instantly.

Lottery History

On the page for each lottery, there is a history tab with details related to the previous lottery winners. For the Time Lottery, this includes a breakdown of how large the lottery pool was, the date and time that a specific lottery cycle began and ended, and most importantly who the winner was.

Each round is assigned a Game # that designates the specific round and winner for that round. Every time a winner is chosen, a new game begins.

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