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Top Tiles

The tiles located at the top of the page will give you an overview of your balances and your active Dex funds.

Total Funds

The total funds tile provides the exact amount of Drops contained in your Dropil portal wallet.

Available Funds

The available funds tile will tell you how many Drops you have available to take action with. Actions may include withdrawals, adding to Dex, paying for Arthur subscriptions, etc.

Funds in Dex

The funds in Dex tile will tell you how many Drops and the USD funds you have in Dex. You may also add to Dex or withdraw from Dex with the buttons provided in the tile.

Dropil News

The news section on the transactions page provides a quick way to view the recent announcements and updates that Dropil has to offer. Another source for Dropil news is Telegram, social media, and the Press Page.

Dropil Market

The Dropil Market section provides a graph of the Dropil market over the past two weeks. You may hover over the graph to seee the price of Drops on any given day in the two week period.

Recent Transactions

The recent transaction section contains all the transactions your Dropil wallet has processed. The transaction section displays the Date, address, amount (in drops), type, TXID and status of all transactions.

Tip #1: You can copy a wallet address by clicking the paper icon

Tip #2: You can view a transaction on etherscan by clicking the icon next to a TXID


Transaction Types

  • Deposit: Drops deposited into your Dropil portal wallet
  • Withdrawal: Drops withdrawn from your Dropil portal wallet
  • Dex Deposit: Drops deposited into Dex from your Dropil portal wallet
  • Dex Deposit (100%): Dex profit distributions, the % contained on the end is dictated by what you have set up in your dex settings. For example, if you set Dex recontribution up to 50%, this statistic would read Dex Deposit (50%).
  • Dex Payout: Shows the amount of Drops paid for a completed cycle
  • Dex Cancel: All Drops were removed from Dex
  • Dex Withdrawal: Some of your Drops were removed from Dex during an active cycle
  • Arthur Subscription: Drops withdrawn from your Dropil portal wallet to pay for an Arthur subscription

Transactions Statuses

  • : Transaction is complete
  • : You have scheduled Drops to be added to your Dex profile, the status will update to complete at the start of your next cycle
  • : You have requested a withdrawal and must approve via Email
  • : Withdrawal has been approved via email and is in progress
  • : A transaction has been canceled.  
  • : Transaction has failed. Contact support if you believe this is an error

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