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The transactions page is one of Dropil’s universal portal pages. This means that the transaction page and all information contained within it is shared across any product/service that uses your Dropil wallet.

Recent Transactions

The pop-out transactions page gives detailed information about the movements of Drops within the Dropil portal wallet. These transactions only reflect the movement of Drop tokens. This list does not display Dex actions such as queuing Drops. A list of those actions is visible from the Dex home page.

Transaction Types

  • Deposit: Drops deposited into your Dropil portal wallet
  • Withdrawal: Drops withdrawn from your Dropil portal wallet
  • Dex Payout: Shows the number of Drops paid for a completed cycle

Transaction Statuses

  • Complete: Transaction is complete
  • Check Email: You have requested a withdrawal and must approve via Email
  • Pending: Withdrawal has been confirmed through email and is awaiting processing
  • Canceled: A transaction has been canceled.  
  • Failed: Transaction has failed. Contact support if you believe this is an error

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