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This guide goes over different transfer options that are available.

Supported Withdrawal Destinations

Some of the places you can transfer your Drop tokens:

Sending Drops to your Dex Portal Wallet

To send Drops to your Dex portal wallet, you need to first get your wallet address. You may obtain your portal wallet address by clicking the “Deposit” button located in the header of any page, or by clicking the “Deposit” button on the total funds tile on the Transactions page of the Dex portal.

A window should popup that will show you your portal wallet address. Copy it to the clipboard (don’t use example address below). If you purchased your Drops on an exchange, this is the destination address that you need to input when withdrawing from the exchange. Important: make sure you only send Drop tokens to this address, any other coins sent will be lost permanently.

Example Dropil deposit dialogue box

Transferring Drops to Dex

Having Drop tokens in your Dex portal wallet does not activate the Dex trading system. To have Dex trade your Drops, you need to first deposit your Drops into Dex. This can be done by navigating to the Performance page in the left-hand menu of the portal and then clicking the “Add to Dex” button on this page. A window will popup that will let you select the amount you want to deposit and the settings you would like enabled. Once you have completed setting up your Dex profile with your desired settings, simply click Send to Dex. Since this is an internal transfer, the transfer will be instant.

Setting up your first Dex profile

Withdraw Drops

You can withdraw your Drops from the portal at anytime. If your Drops are currently in Dex, then you will lose any unrealized profit for the current 15-day cycle. To withdraw Drops press the withdraw button at the top right of the toolbar – A window will popup where you can select the amount to withdraw and the destination wallet address. Keep in mind that the minimum withdrawal from the user portal is $25 USD equivalent.

Note: If you have Drops deposited in Dex, you must first take them out of Dex before you can withdraw them from the portal

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