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What is 2FA?

Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) is a security measure that requires users to submit a form of verification in addition to their traditional username and password. This method of authentication provides a second layer of user account security.

What types of 2FA does Dropil offer?

Dropil currently offers both email and authenticator 2FA. Users have the choice to require 2FA on login, Dex cancellation, and when changes are made to Dex settings. For security purposes, 2FA is required for withdrawals to be processed and cannot be disabled. These options can be set up under user account settings in the Dropil portal.

Things you need to enable 2FA

A mobile phone with a Google Authenticator app or Authy (recommended). Your phone does not need to be connected to the internet to generate a code each time.  Alternatively, you can enable 2FA authentication through email. You will receive your authentication code via email each time. However, this method is considered less than ideal since if your email is compromised so will your email 2FA code.

How to enable 2FA within Dropil

  • Open the security tab within Dropil Home located here
  • Select the button to enable 2FA under the Two-Factor Authentication heading
  • We are going to enable Google/ Authy 2FA and use the Google Authenticator application

You will now be required to enter your account password before proceeding with the process of enabling it

  • On the Google/ Authy 2FA set up screen you will need to save your 16 digit authentication key. If for any reason you need 2FA removed from your account, Support will request the secret key.

DISCLAIMER: By checking the above checkbox, you agree that you have written down your 16-digit key and put it in a safe place. If your device is lost, stolen, or broken, you will need this key to get back into your account! If the key is lost, your account will be lost permanently. This key is displayed only once.

  • Click the checkbox confirming you have saved the secret code
  • Scan the QR code with your Google authenticator/ Authy app.
  • The app will store the account and provide you with a six-digit code that will need to be entered into the text box.
  • Click “Activate Two Factor”
  • Now you will select the options you would like to require 2FA, Dropil recommends you enable all available options to keep your account the most secure.

Congratulations, you have now Set up Google 2FA on your Dropil account.

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