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What Can I Win From Seer?

Successful wagers made in Seer mean you can either earn Points in Free Play mode, or actual Drops in Live Play. Users can win all or a portion of the funds wagered against them. There are a number of categories for users to wager on such as eSports or politics meaning there are predictions and earning opportunities for all interests.

Wager Pools

For each prediction, all wager options have a pool of Drops and Points associated with them. The pool for each option contains the sum of all wagers for that particular option. Users from the winning pool can only win up to the amount contributed by losing wagers.

When attempting to place a wager, users can see what their potential earnings are and how much their share from the opposing pool of wagers would be. For example below, if I wagered 10,000 Drops on “False” for this prediction, I would stand to win 169,807 Drops if “False” is the correct outcome. Keep in mind your share of the pool can change based on new wagers added.

Risk vs Reward

When placing a wager, the potential earnings are displayed based on their outcome choice. This allows users to make an informed decision to determine how much they want to risk on any individual prediction.

If an individual prediction is heavily one-sided, it may not make sense to follow the herd and bet the same as most others. In the example above, wagering a small amount against the popular opinion would yield

Smart Multipliers

Bonus multipliers play an important role in determining the winnings in predictions that use them. These multipliers are intended to reward those who wager early as they may be at a disadvantage without the same information as someone who wagers later. They are not present in every prediction, only when the option is enabled by the prediction creator.

In short, the bonus assigns a weight multiplier to wagers depending on what round they occur in. Users who wager during a 4x bonus will receive 4x more winnings than a user who wagered the same amount in the final round with no multiplier. Users can still only win up to the amount wagered by opposing pools, but the multipliers determine how winnings are distributed.

For more information regarding the smart multipliers see our article here.

How Does Dropil Benefit From Seer?

There is no fee charged for using Seer, however, Dropil does reserve 5% of the winnings from each prediction, also known as 5% of the combined losing pool.  Winners are distributed 95% of the winnings from the losing pool. A user that bets 1,000 Drops on a losing outcome loses 1,000 Drops with or without the 5% deduction. Winners get back their original wager amount plus their portion of the winnings. So there is no fee charged to winners or losers.

Dropil also benefits from the awareness Seer brings to the platform. There is a strong social aspect to Seer. We have included the ability to easily share predictions by link or directly on social media with custom images you can create to spread your predictions. Encourage your friends, family, or even your enemies to bet against you in Free Play or Live Play. Each time a prediction is shared results in a new person potentially hearing about Dropil. Users sharing predictions with their referral code included in can also benefit. Every time you share a prediction using your referral code, you will receive $5 in Drops for each user that follows the link, signs up, and makes a wager for at least $5 worth of Drops. For more information on the other benefits of referring someone, see our Refer a Friend article.

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