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Withdrawals from the Max wallet are quick and initiated instantly. Once you have submitted a withdrawal, it is broadcasted to the blockchain network of your choice and your funds will arrive as soon as the minimum number of confirmations is met for your destination address. Transaction fees for coins are paid in the designated coin. Transaction fees for tokens are paid using the appropriate type of gas for that network. For example, to send ERC20 tokens like Dropil you must have ETH in your Dropil wallet to withdraw them.  

Initiating a Withdrawal

To move funds out of Max, select the “Send” option from the sidebar to bring up your withdrawal choices.

From here you will set up your transaction and choose your destination address, what wallet your funds will come out of, and all other options relating to this withdrawal.

Options When Withdrawing

The first dropdown menu chooses what type of cryptocurrency you wish to withdraw.

Next, you choose what address you wish to send funds from. This is where your cryptos will be deducted from.

Below that, you’ll see the logo corresponding to the token you are withdrawing as well as the destination address. This is where your funds will arrive once the withdrawal is complete.

After inputting your destination address, you will choose the size of your withdrawal. You can type in a USD amount, a coin/token amount, or choose “ALL” to send the full balance of your wallet.

Last but not least are the options for network fees. Most network fees have a Medium and Fast option. The network fee cost is displayed below as well as the total balance remaining in your wallet after your transaction and the amount you are sending.

Your withdrawal will show as pending on your wallet page until it is confirmed. After that, the pending tag will disappear and your balance will be available in your destination wallet.

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