Welcome Dropil Army!

Last week:

· New website
· Withdrawal function enabled
· Live market price added
· Security update
· Exchange updates

Pretty interweb things:

The original Dropil website was sunset last week as we rolled out a new look. We felt it was time for an upgrade, after all the old website was almost three months old, and we all know that three months in Crypto is like five years in the real world. But in all seriousness, the new look also better reflects the current offerings and offers more in-depth information about the platform and team. The updates weren’t just for the front end either, the whole Dex platform and dash received an upgrade as well, but expect many more changes to come in the near future as we are always working on making the interface more intuitive, helpful, and beautiful.

Send your Drops!

One of the updated features we want to point out specifically is the withdraw function. From within your portal wallet we have now enabled the “Withdraw” feature that allows you to send your Drops to an outside third party wallet whenever you want.

See live market price:

All sections of the portal now display the market price of Drops in the upper right-hand corner in a USD equivalent. This value will update live time from multiple tracking sources, and this will be the value which will be used to calculate deposits and withdrawals to the Dex trading system.

Lock it down:

In an effort to assure a well-rounded environment of security we would like to ask all users to make sure they are using strong user names and password combinations, in addition we highly recommend that all users have 2FA enabled and recommend Google Authenticator over SMS when possible. As we promised from the start we will always operate in a manner to both be as transparent with our customers and offer them the most secure system we can.

How we stopped the hackers:

Tuesday the 20th we noticed system abnormalities being caused by a Brute force attempt on user accounts. We quickly implemented measures to halt the attack and also initiated a ban and log on its source which resulted in over 8,000 individual IP bans. During this event users may have received mass emails if their account was targeted, an issue that has since been resolved. Email addresses were not compromised during this event, however we were able to find logs of two accounts with weaker user name and password combinations were affected. We have since contacted those individuals and are making them whole again. We would also like to take this opportunity to remind you all that Dropil will never ask you to send any funds for any reason outside of your controlled user portal.

1. Multiple consecutive attempts will lock out the account and require the user to unlock via email.
2. Even more consecutive attempts will ban the user’s IP address.
3. Recaptcha to prevent malicious sign in attempts that may not be a human.
4. The ability to require 2FA on every sign in.

We STRONGLY recommend every person who uses Dropil to enable 2FA on login (specifically Google 2FA as it is the most secure). Please go to your settings at https://dex.dropil.com/settings to update your 2FA preferences. If you already have SMS 2FA enabled and would like to upgrade to Google 2FA, please disable SMS 2FA and then enable Google 2FA.

Any user that has received an email requesting a password reset and/or an account lockout email MAY be a target of such hackers/groups, but if you have 2FA enabled, you have almost nothing to worry about. Unfortunately, we cannot prevent hackers from requesting a password reset email sent to them or attempting to login to their accounts.. but we have enabled IP bans for IPs that are sending out password reset emails to multiple users, and we have implemented the other security measures as outlined above.

Thank you all again for your support, and please remember to do your part to ensure your account safety with strong passwords, unique user names, and 2FA.

Exchange Updates:

We were pleased to be able to offer our customers access to an exchange so quickly following the completion of our successful ICO in the form of a two pairing listing on Tidex. (https://tidex.com/) We plan to go live with another exchange Friday the 30th of March and will make that announcement closer to the date when the exchange verifies everything is ready on their end. We will continue to roll out listings on exchanges and with the support of our great community we will work our way up to higher volume exchanges as Dropil continues to grow.