We are in top 100 coins on CoinMarketCap and other news

Greetings from Dropil headquarters!

We love all the attention you guys have been bringing to Dropil and we wanted to take this time to share some of our favorite new inclusions.

Dropil a top 100 coin

Dropil is live on Coinmarketcap, now with a circulating supply displayed as well. We have spent much of this week on the coveted top 100 list and are excited to watch Drops climb the charts as we get listed on larger exchanges.

We are on Bitgur

Another great marketplace and price watching site that has recently listed Dropil is Bitgur.

Track Dropil Token on your mobile devices

If you like to track your crypto assets with an app Dropil is also proud to be listed on BlockfolioCrypto Pro, and Delta app as well.

New Exchangs

Drops are also now officially being traded and IDEX and RightBTC in addition to Tidex, but expect more exchanges with larger volume in the future. Make sure to visit dropil.com/buy-drops for the latest list of supported exchanges.

Security Updates

Following on the tail of last week’s security upgrades we have now moved away from SMS completely as a means of 2FA, while we still recommend and app like Google Authenticator or Authy all those who had SMS prior have now been changed over to email 2FA.

We have some great Dex System improvements rolling out soon that will allow more control over investments and offer improved visibility.
Stay tuned for release date!