Vote for Dropil on Kucoin!

We need the Dropil community’s help getting listed on Kucoin! Kucoin is hosting a voting contest and the winner of the contest gets a free listing on their exchange along with a $30k USD equivalent marketing plan courtesy of Kucoin. Any user that voted for the winning coin will also receive a partial airdrop from Kucoin.

We would love to win the vote and get listed on Kucoin, so as a reward for any user that helps us accomplish this, if we win you will receive 1,000 Drops on us to a wallet address of choice. If we don’t win the vote, you will be entered into a raffle where 100 users will be randomly selected to each receive 20,000 Drops on us to a wallet address of choice.  If you just want to vote, you can just go to and follow the process

Validating participation:
In order to participate in the vote and to verify that you voted for Dropil, navigate to and type /start to get started! The bot will guide you the rest of the way.

Thank you to everyone who helps us try to WIN this vote!

In Depth Instructions with Pictures

For those that want a step by step guide on how to follow the voting process through Dropil, please see below for a picture tutorial.

Step 1. Activate our bot: Navigate to and type /start or click the START button. Once completed, this button will show up.

Step 2. Vote for Dropil: Navigate to and type /start or click the START button. Once completed you will see the screen below. To vote for Dropil, follow the instructions the bot sends you. See the picture below for the process one of our Developers followed. Note: sometimes there is some lag and the process is not instant 

Type Dropil to vote for us

Step 3. Tell Dropil Bot you voted: Go back to and type /voted then type Y to indicate that you voted for Dropil.

Step 4. Forward Messages: Go back to and forward the following three messages back to the Dropil_KucoinVote_Bot

Forward all 3 messages



Step 5. Confirmation: The Dropil vote bot will confirm that you forwarded the messages and ask you to send a wallet address that you would like your potential Drops to be sent to. You can use your Dropal portal address MEW wallet or any of the Dropil Supported Exchanges

Instead of 0x0 put your actual Dropil compatible wallet address (Dropil, MEW, etc)

If you have any issues at any time during the process, you may type /cancel to start over and try again. Please create a ticket in the dropil user portal at or contact [email protected] if you cannot complete the process. We will do our best to help you out!

Thank you once again for participating in the Kucoin vote and helping Dropil!