Welcome to another weekly update. Our biggest news of the week is, of course is Dropil Insights! Dropil Insights sheds more light on what’s going on under the hood in our system. See important metrics like Dex pool performances, closed and opened positions amount and many other metrics. For full details on what’s covered see our full Insights Details.

We’ve also released an update to our Dex platform fixing bugs and adding more polish. The main change being the transactions table is now much easier to read, for example, if you are splitting your Dex Payout you will now properly see where each allocation went in the transactions table.

Some of our team members also visited BCI Summit in New York! This should pave the road to our new marketing push that and is the beginning of our new marketing efforts.


What else are we working on?

  • Dex Dashboard updates v2.1.1
  • Secret Sauce 
  • Translations
  • Dex Dashboard Updates
  • New exchanges
  • Update to the Whitepaper and more detailed roadmap.
  • Arthur v2.0.