It’s been a crazy week for us here at Dropil. The big news is the release of the new Dex Dashboard 2.0 It includes tons of new features and updated UI. A big “Thank you” goes out to Jeremy and Zack for making it all possible and surviving over 24 hours straight at their computers to get this release out to everyone by Friday morning!

New redesigned dashboard combines everything into a single screen for easy management.

Some of the major updates are:

  • You can now change Dex settings mid-cycle, your changes will be queued for the following cycle.
  • Ability to add additional drops for your next cycle.
  • Function added to remove a partial amount out from Dex.
  • You may now select how much you want to reinvest or take out at the completion of each cycle.

For a full list of changes, login and click on “Change Log” link at the bottom of your dashboard.

What else are we working on?

  • Knowledge Base – Detailed walkthroughs and explanations on how things work.
  • Optimizing withdraws and deposits of our transactions.
  • Update to the Whitepaper and more detailed roadmap.
  • Arthur Updates.
  • Working on new exchanges.